GretbThe GRETB – Galway & Roscommon Education & Training Board is the combined organisation of Solas and the VEC.


This new organisation carries out the training and educational work previously undertaken by Solas (formerly Fás) and the VEC. The main training centre for the newly constituted GRETB is situated in Galway. This training centre has developed significantly over several decades to provide training initiatives that were responsive to the currents demands of workplace in the region.

15 Eleven consulted with the GRETB training centre to develop a new website that would reflect the vibrant, evolving nature of the centre. The design of the new site showcases the day to day activities and provides links to all information relating to all programmes available locally and nationwide.

At 15 Eleven we believe that the hallmark of a quality website should be that it provides exactly what the client requires. Simple to navigate and easy to update. We think the new site for GRETB perfectly illustrates those attributes.