At Avaya, Galway ,  the beating heart of the Engagement Solutions Research & Development  Centre operation is the Lab where Innovation is the byword.

Tony McCormack , an inventor at Avaya with over one hundred patent recognitions to his name heads up the Lab and he explains that they are working  with cutting edge technologies , Data Analytics, Distributed Systems and Video and Speech Analytics to mention only a few.

Tony explains, “The goal of the lab is to be the most innovative – patent output is a key indicator – currently we have hundreds in process and with approx 100 granted to date.”

Filing patents is a method of protecting your intellectual property and also gives your product and company an edge in the competitive commercial market.

Avaya, as an entity, are ranked in the top 100 companies when it comes to patents, with  almost 6000 granted and pending, worldwide. They employ approximately 14,000 people worldwide with 400 of these at the Galway facility, of which, 245 currently work in Research and Development. This is a highly qualified and highly motivated team with over 30% of the individuals holding post graduate qualifications.

Neil O’Connor, himself a holder of numerous patents, explains ” the products we develop at Avaya Galway are part of the next generation of market-leading engagement applications. There is a symbiotic relationship between the products we build and the huge output of patents. ”

“The culture here is to develop the most innovative products in the market place.” The development of ideas and subsequent patent filings are collaborative affairs. “Engineers continually offer new ideas and challenge each other – designing to always do it better . “We are looking for novel ideas with commercial value and in line with the business and we work together – Key factors” continues Neil.

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Galway  is Avaya’s biggest Global Contact Centre Lab. They have full control of the suite of Contact Centre Products in the Avaya portfolio. In essence they have been ‘trusted with the future’ , Avaya’s future in Contact Centre and Enterprise Software products.

It’s not surprising then that Taoiseach Enda Kenny  would choose the ‘Patent Wall’ as a stop off point when he visited the facility this week to announce seventy five new jobs. He recognised that approximately of 40% Research & Development  staff in Galway are named inventors on a granted US patent. The leadership qualities demonstrated  by both Tony McCormack and Neil O’Connor and their collaborative approach to ‘ideas generation’ ensures that the already vibrant Galway Lab will thrive and prosper – Patent generation is their Oxygen.