Training and Development – “An Investment not a Cost”

Ask ten people in business organisations to define training and development and you are likely to get a range of opinions, but they are equally likely to be nuanced versions of a central theme, writes Pete Kelly.

To carry out any role an individual requires Knowledge, Skill and Attitude to perform effectively,

Undertaking a new role often requires a different or enhanced set of attributes. The delta between the qualities a person now has and what they will require is typically bridged by Training.

Typically the training requirements for organisations and their work teams, initially, are centred around the specific skill set that is required for clearly defined pieces of work that will make up ‘the job’.

Aside from that, many enlightened organisations recognise the value of encouraging and enabling their people to grow personally. This may involve providing training and development opportunities that don’t directly relate to ‘day to day’ tasks but will help to build the overall knowledge and experience of the individual, thus increasing their value to the enterprise.

There is a portfolio of certified training programmes, that perhaps have flown under the radar up to now, which are offered through the GTI – Galway Technical Institute, Fr Griffin Rd, Galway. In recent times these courses have been offered in the part-time evening programme with significant success.

However these programmes are also available as ‘day time’ courses also, where there is a demand. For instance, the following are excellent examples of opportunities available at very affordable rates.

QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Business                      QQI Level 5 Business studies

QQI Level 6 Leadership                                                              QQI Level  5 Digital Marketing

                                                      QQI Level 5 Tourism with Business

I have worked with the GTI over the past few years on some of these course and modules and see real relevance to businesses at all levels.

Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you think might find it useful. We are looking to roll these opportunities out to individuals and enterprises in the coming weeks and months.

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