The Tribes of Galway


At 15 Eleven we are working with our friend Adrian Martyn on the launch and promotion of his book The Tribes of Galway. We have created a web presence for the book at where people outside Galway can buy the book online.

In the Galway area, the book is available from Kenny’s Bookshop, Dubray Books, Charlie Byrnes, and the NUIG Book Store.

This is the first book on the ‘Tribes’  – the iconic story of Galway’s merchant families. This first volume chronicles the families from 1124 to 1642. With other volumes to follow, the series could well be come Galway’s own ‘Game of Thrones’ saga, although in this instance the episodes are backed up with hard fact.

Adrian Martyn’s back breaking research has delivered a wonderful offering.

The book will be launched by Galway’s own Gerry Hanberry, at Galway Library Middle Street on Tuesday 22nd November at 6.00pm. Gerry’s latest book On Raglan Road is now in the bookshops.