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About Pete Kelly

Pete Kelly is a vastly experienced professional in Communications Management, Training and Writing. He has worked in multinational companies for over thirty years in general management, training and organisational development.

Everyday Accountancy Services Website from 15 Eleven

15 Eleven Communications have delivered another responsive website!

Everyday Accountancy Services is a new accounting business HQ’d in Galway with a presence in the UK also and aimed at supporting the small to medium business sector.

Principal Richard Walsh, emphasis that ‘no job is too small’ for the new firm and they will offer a range of services to new and existing business entities.

At 15 Eleven we are delighted to have worked with Richard in developing their new website.

“Having worked with Richard on other projects and as with all our clients we see the development process as a partnership designed to deliver the best solution” – Pete Kelly.

15 Eleven have delivered another quality responsive website


We are delighted to announce that is now live.

image for blog post


The Galway Foot and Ankle Clinic is located at the Bons Secours Hospital  and Clinic in Renmore, Galway, under the direction of Mr Stephen  Kearns,  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

The new website contains a wealth of information on common problems  and surgeries in the world of Orthopaedics, with an emphasis on Foot and  Ankle conditions.

The site will grow into a repository of information on the latest technological break throughs as well as common procedures and will be an excellent reference point for patients and clinicians alike.

Contact 15 Eleven today to inquire about a responsive website for your business.

Digital Marketing – Video for B & B’s

It is a fact that video is dominating the content on all aspects of social media and by extension Digital Marketing.
“By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled”

Fáilte Ireland have recognised that and are putting great emphasis on bringing everybody in the tourist industry ‘up to speed’ on current thinking and practice.

Is your niche in the tourist industry well represented, accessible and up-to-date across the critical digital platforms?

In a nutshell;
• Is your website responsive?
• Are you communicating on social media?
• Are you using video content?

If the answer is yes to all three – you are good to go! If not! where do you start to rectify the problem.

The Fáilte Ireland set of Webinars offer great direction on trends and directions. However can busy people do everything themselves?

The hallmark of successful ventures in the Tourist Industry is professionalism and attention to detail. Professional video content and focused social media marketing can be invaluable – let the professionals guide you. 15 Eleven is collaborating with SquareV.Media to bring that service to you.

Recent Video Stories in the B & B business.

St Jude’s Guest House, 

Galway Red Deer Cottage, Connemara


Give your Website a Fitness Test

January is a time when many people set goals for the year, some are for personal fitness, more still are business goals. Your company’s website is a pivotal communications tool for your business – is it ‘fit for purpose’

Social Networking account ownership has increased across all platforms in January 2016. Facebook account ownership increased by 4 points to 63%, and daily usage of Facebook increases by 7 points since August 2015. Any notions that social media usage was on the wain have been nailed.

Ipsos MRBI’s Social Networking Tracker (January 2016) shows that account ownership increased in January 2016. LinkedIn account ownership now stands at a new record high of 28%, an increase of 5 points since August 2015. Instagram has also increased by 3 points since August 2015 to 22%.

Social Media netwrok tracker

Using Social Media platforms to drive traffic to your website is a proven strategy in Digital Marketing policies.  Quite simply you use the most appropriate channel, be it,  Facebook , Twitter or others to route potential clients and customers to your site.

Quality content on your website will hold visitors attention and encourage repeat visits, but only if your site is responsive and easily navigated.

Responsive websites are those that function fully on mobile devices , on which, most people access the web today  and will continue to do so, to an ever increasing degree.

On the 15 Eleven Blog in April last we referenced an Irish Domain Registry survey that said over 90% of SME’s websites in Ireland were ‘not fit for purpose’. and that is unlikely to have changed dramatically in the intervening period.

There is no better time than now to give your website a ‘health check’ Contact Us for an assessment of your website – we can upgrade or re-develop your site quickly. Check out our work.

Start the Year Positively – Digital Marketing & Start Your Own Business at GTI

The Galway Technical Institute (GTI) Fr Griffin Road, are offering opportunities to gain QQI Digital Marketing Certification starting next week.

Pete Kelly, 15 Eleven Communications, is delivering a QQI Level 5 Digital Marketing at the GTI.  client-gti

Digital Marketing is vital for enterprises that are either in the planning phase or up and running.  During the programme the participants will get the opportunity to work on a live Digital Marketing campaign and become au fait with the various social media channels, web development and presence and where traditional and digital marketing techniques overlap and interact.


Further details are available at

“We ran very successful programmes prior to Christmas, with diverse groups of people and this enhanced the learning greatly”.

“Alternatively perhaps you are contemplating getting into business. Has a business idea been incubating for some time? Would like to test your assumptions and learn about some of the challenges that lie ahead? Sharing and testing your ideas with like minded people could be of real benefit, if so, the Start Your Own Business course is for you” said Pete Kelly.

The programmes at the GTI are designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and experiences of the students. The shared experiences of the diverse group which is likely to have a broad mix of ages and backgrounds is particularly powerful.

Small enterprises and ‘sole trader’ businesses find part-time adult education courses can be a key ingredient getting  a business ‘off the ground’

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